Texas School Nurse Administrators Association

Article I.  Name

The name of this organization shall be the Texas School Nurse Administrators Association hereinafter referred to as TSNAA.

Article II.  Membership

Section 1:  Classification.  The membership of TSNAA shall be general members and affiliate members.

  1. General Members. General members shall include registered nurses employed by or retired from local and/or state boards of education, parochial or private school systems, hospitals, and/or other entities/organizations that provide school health services to students.
  2. Affiliate Members. Registered nurses with special interests in school health issues may become affiliate members if recommended by the Executive Board.  They may not vote or hold office.

Section 2:  Dues.  Annual dues for all members shall be set by majority vote at the Annual Business Meeting.  Dues for general members and affiliate members shall be the same.

Section 3:  Fiscal Year.  The fiscal year for TSNAA shall be June 1 through May 31.

Article III.  Officers

Section 1:  Officers.  The officers of TSNAA shall be President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer and Past President.

Section 2:  Duties.  Officers shall perform their duties as defined in these bylaws in addition to other duties as assigned by the President and/or the TSNAA.

  1. The President shall:
    1. Be chief officer and preside at all business meetings of TSNAA;
    2. Represent TSNAA to other organizations or meetings as invited, or appoint a member to attend in the President’s place.
    3. Appoint special committees to act for TSNAA when events warrant such action;
    4. Call special meetings of the membership in addition to the Annual Conference when necessary;
    5. Provide a record of expenses to the Treasurer within two months of the Annual Conference.
    6. Be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.
  2. The President-Elect shall:
    1. Serve as assistant to the President;
    2. Shall plan and host the Annual Conference as established in the guidelines for the TSNAA Annual Conference.
    3. Become acquainted with the purposes of TSNAA to more effectively assume the duties and responsibilities of President.
    4. Be a member of the Audit Committee.
    5. Provide a record of expenses to the Treasurer within two months of the Annual Conference.
    6. Assume the office of President should the President resign; and
    7. Become President at the close of the Annual Business Meeting.
    8. Collect/maintain historical data including photos, documents, conference planning materials etc.
  3. The Secretary shall:
    1. Keep records of the minutes of all meetings and send copies to officers within a month of any meeting.
    2. Handle all correspondence as directed by the President.
    3. Provide a copy of the minutes of all meetings held throughout the year to each member attending the Annual Conference prior to the Business Meeting.
    4. Review the minutes at the Business Meeting; and
    5. Provide a list of members attending the meeting and other recommended names to the newly elected President within two (2) months after the Annual Conference.
  4. The Treasurer shall:
    1. Be charged with the financial affairs of TSNAA;
    2. Set up and maintain bank accounts;
    3. Maintain financial records;
    4. Pay bills as authorized by the President;
    5. Prepare and present an annual financial report at the Annual Business Meeting;
    6. Deposit registration fees within two (2) months after the Annual Conference; and
    7. File an annual form (990-Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax) with the Internal Revenue Service.
    8. Assist the President-Elect in the collection/maintenance of historical data
  5. The Past-President shall chair the Nominating Committee.

Section 3:  Terms of Office.  The terms of office for President, President-elect and Past President shall be one (1) year.  The terms of office for Secretary and Treasurer shall be for two (2) years.  The Secretary shall be elected in odd-numbered years and the Treasurer shall be elected in even-numbered years.  All newly elected officers shall assume office at the close of the Annual Business Meeting.

Section 4:  Vacancies.  In the event of death, resignation, changing residence outside the State of Texas, or change of School Health Position, which does not meet membership criteria, the remaining officers shall appoint a member to fulfill the obligations of the vacated office for the remainder of the unexpired term.

Section 5:  Nomination and Election.  A Nominating Committee composed of the Past President and two members, appointed by the President, shall serve for a one (1) year term.  The Committee shall prepare and present a ballot to the members at the annual Business Meeting.  Nominations may be made from the floor, with permission of the nominee.  Election shall be by ballot, except that if there is only one nominee for an office, election to that office may be by voice.  A majority vote shall elect.

Article IV.  Meetings

Section 1:  Annual Conference.  There shall be an Annual Conference of TSNAA that is planned and hosted by the President-Elect.  The Business Meeting shall be presided over by the President and be held during the regular program day.  Participation in the educational offerings shall be limited to members.  A parliamentarian, as appointed by the president shall be present for the Business Meeting.

Section 2:  Special Meetings.  The President may call special meetings of the membership when necessary.

Section 3:  Quorum.  A majority of the registered voting members in attendance shall constitute a quorum for meeting of TSNAA.

Article V.  Executive Board

Section 1:  Executive Board.  The Executive Board shall consist of the President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and Past President.

Section 2:  Duties.  The Executive Board shall handle business of the TSNAA between meetings of the Annual Conference in addition to other duties as stated elsewhere in these bylaws.

Section 3:  Meetings.  Meetings of the Executive Board shall be at the Call of the President.

Article VI.  Committees

Section 1: Committee Types.  There shall be two types of committees, standing and special.  The committees themselves, with the approval of the President, shall establish operating procedures.

Section 2:  Standing Committees.  Standing Committees shall include Audit, Bylaws, Scholarship, and Financial Advisory

  1. The Audit Committee shall consist of the President-Elect and three (3) members appointed annually by the President. The Treasurer shall be an ex-officio member without vote.  The Committee shall audit the accounts of TSNAA before the Annual Conference.  A written report, signed by all members of the Committee, shall be on file with the Treasurer’s report.
  2. The Bylaws Committee shall be composed of three (3) members appointed by the Chairman. Members of the Committee shall be appointed for a three-year term, on a rotating basis.  The Committee shall review the Bylaws and make a written report to the President and shall set in motion the procedure for amendments to the Bylaws as directed in writing by the President or ten (10) members of TSNAA.
  3. The Scholarship Committee shall be composed of a chairman and two (2) members appointed by the Chairman. Members shall be appointed annually.  The committee shall send applications to members prior to the Annual Conference; evaluate applications; and present qualified candidates to the Executive Board for consideration.
  4. The Financial Advisory Committee shall be composed of the Treasurer as chairperson and two (2) members appointed by the President. Members shall be appointed for a three-year term on a rotating basis.  The Committee shall provide guidance for conference planning and make recommendations to the Executive Board regarding financial matters.

Section 3:  Special Committees.  Special Committees shall be established by the President on subjects of interest to that office or at the suggestion of members.

Article VII.  Parliamentary Authority

Section 1:  RulesRobert’s Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary authority governing all matters of procedure not otherwise provided in these bylaws or any special rules that TSNAA may adopt.

Article VII.  Amendment to Bylaws

Section 1:  Procedure. These Bylaws may be amended at an Annual business meeting by a majority vote.