NASN Stand Up and Be Counted

In supporting school nursing, DSHS is once again serving as the liaison for the NASN/NASSNC “Step Up and Be Counted” Uniform Data Collection Project. The survey has been developed in Survey Monkey, and we are ready to begin data collection. We will keep the survey open until June 30, 2016. There are several things you need to be aware of as you fill out the survey.

  1. The survey has two parts: one part for district-level data, and one part for campus-level data. If you are completing the survey for the district level, you will fill out the first 39 questions, but will not fill out questions 40-60; those are for people filling out information about their individual campus. If you are completing the survey for the campus level only, you will fill out questions 1-3 and 40-60, but will not fill out anything for the district level.
  2. With the PDF survey printout in hand, the nurse can collect the data and do data entry all at once. The Survey Monkey link will take you directly to the survey. If you need a PDF copy of the survey, please email me at
  3. Here is the Survey Monkey hyperlink: You will need to press Ctrl and click on the hyperlink. If you need assistance with entering data or have questions, please feel free to contact us: or

The data collected is to support school nursing practice. While Texas will submit its data to NASN/NASSNC for their project, it is our hope that the Texas data can be analyzed for use here in Texas. This is the second year that DSHS has participated, and we hope that the more data we collect, the more we will gain valuable information that can help promote school nursing in Texas. The school nurse’s role in data collection is so very important, and we hope that all nurses will share their data so that we can have a very robust data set to work with. Please let other school nurses know about the survey and encourage them to take part in this process by forwarding this email on to others in your area.

We want to thank all of you for your continued work in providing health services to the 5.1 million children in Texas. In addition, we want to thank you for sharing your data and encouraging others to participate. As we all know, data drives everything these days, and we need your help in getting the best data collected. We look forward to a robust data set that can be utilized by both NASN and Texas.