School nurse administrators, lead nurses and single-nurse districts can connect and collaborate using the TSNAA Discussion Board. The TSNAA Discussion Board serves as a collective history of discussions, shared documents and shared information. If you are not currently a member you may request to join the TSNAA Discussion Board with the link below.

It is beneficial for our discussions if each school nurse administrator identifies their district and job title in their signature block. You may also create a username that identifies you and your district (no abbreviations), such as Bevin-CypressFairbanks or Nichol-RockwallISD. You can set up or change your username and signature block in the User Control Panel once your registration has been approved.

Discussion Board Tips:

The best way to ask a question of other TSNAA members or share information is to post a New Topic (or respond to an existing Topic) in the appropriate Forum.
1. Go to the Forum that best matches your question/topic
2. Click on any Topic in that Forum to view, comment or share information; use the “search this forum” box to look for specific discussion Topics in the Forum.
3. Need to start a new discussion? Click on New Topic to start a new discussion thread or share information on a new topic.
3. You can share documents when you are posting in a Topic. At bottom of your post, click on the Attachment tab to Add Files.
4. Take some time looking around at content before you post a New Topic. All questions/responses are archived for nurse administers to refer to later, and for new nurse administrators.

Make sure to set up your Profile to include your signature block and preferences.

TSNAA Discussion Board