School nurse administrators, lead nurses and single-nurse districts can connect and collaborate using the TSNAA wiki. The TSNAA wiki serves as a collective history of discussions, shared documents and shared information. If you are not currently a member of the TSNAA wiki, please contact Nichol Smithers for an invitation link.

It is beneficial for our discussions if each school nurse administrator uses his/her first name (or commonly used first name) followed by your school district as their Username. Such as Bevin-CypressFairbanks or Nichol-RockwallISD. You can change your Username in My Account>Settings.

TSNAA wiki basic instructions

Wiki Discussion Tips:

The best way to ask a question of other TSNAA members is to post it in the Discussion Forum. Each page on the TSNAA wiki has its own discussion area.
1. Go to the page that best matches your question/topic (list of pages in purple on left)
2. Click on the Discussion forum link in the tool bar on the page. It is in the upper right and looks like conversation bubbles with a number next to it. (remember, each page has one)
3. All questions will be listed. Click on the Subject title of any question to read or respond.
3. Click the +New Post to ask a new question (post a new discussion thread)
4. All questions/responses are archived for nurse administers to refer to later, and for new nurse administrators.

Use TSNAA wiki email for messages that do not require a response (such as sharing a retirement announcement) or asking one TSNAA wiki member a specific question. Note: wiki email does not archive responses. Use Discussion Forums for sharing information with the group so it is archives and readily available to others.